Employee Data in Real Time

Get access to employee records, files, salary receipts, tax returns... wherever you are, whenever you want. The core of Employee Portal is people management, so having the right information when you most need it is essential to Human Resources operations.

Dados do Colaborador em Tempo Real

"Empower" Employees

Assign them responsibility to consult and keep your personal data (change of address, number of dependents, marital status, bank, etc.) with the possibility of including a supporting evidence of change, to help ensure that all information about their employees is correct and updated. Associated with this data change process, notifications are automatically sent to Human Resources to act accordingly.

Centralized system with the information you need - Eliminate spreadsheets

By using a centralized system will be able to manage in one place all the information about their employees, as so:

  • Personal data;
  • Absenteeism (absences and holidays);
  • Overtime;
  • CV;
  • Training;
  • Performance evaluation;
  • Professional information and career history.

And it's not just the records check, take advantage of the indicators on your organization as:

  • No. of employees (Evolution per quarter);
  • Inputs and outputs (Evolution per quarter);
  • Age level;
  • Type of contract;
  • Type of absence;
  • % by function.
Dados do Colaborador em Tempo Real
Dados do Colaborador em Tempo Real

Step-by-Step processes

The system itself will guide you to complete activities through simplified screens and step-by-step. Since the registration of a new employee to the definition of launching process of a new Performance Evaluation. Total perception of pending activities through alerts and notifications.

Total perception of pending activities through alerts and notifications

On your dashboard they are presented with the outstanding tasks that have been assigned to ever be nothing unanswered. Associated with this list the system itself is responsible for the notification by email whenever a new task (birthdays, holidays plan approval and absences, training participation, response to inquiries, etc.) assigned to it or if it has been overtaken deadline for its implementation.

Dados do Colaborador em Tempo Real

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We help companies, teams and business units to be more efficiency, through information and documents sharing. We contribute to an effective communication between people, so they can use information in any place, any time.

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